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The best praise is public praise. Here are a few tweets about ACA Video.

But privately, in our annual customer survey, 95% of our clients said they would “strongly” recommend us.

Best conference videos I’ve seen, ever #lxjs

02d195bf1b432e8d6d8f56914afa42cf_biggerTwitter-BirdSérgio Ramos (@Ramitos)

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I wouldn’t mind seeing @ACA_video becoming the defacto standard for conference video.

DoKmiRDb_normalTwitter-BirdArnout Kazemier (@3rdEden)

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I’m blown away by how fast you have the video’s online.

39a06540de2e1a726510a7b59337cc96_normalTwitter-BirdAdam Baldwin (@adam_baldwin)

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Whoa, my talk is up already! Huge props to @aca_video

95174deb90dd9450c1f7815e0d364ea0_normalTwitter-BirdRaquel Vélez (@rockbot)

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We should all give a big round of applause to @aca_video for being so über-awesome

1f66a0223560fabacffc6f0c1f65ebf2_normalTwitter-BirdMartin N. (@AVGP)

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You guys are perfect

fe094a67df749d7ab205c73b1d03af49_normalTwitter-BirdDave Geddes (@geddski)

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Incredible video quality – Very impressed – World class stuff.

d9a206903cbe719114b1c1006947c064_normalTwitter-BirdTim Park (@timpark)

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Hugely impressed. Incredible. Such great quality too. Thank you!!

CP1RmLa3_normalTwitter-BirdPaul Irish (@paul_irish)

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Seems @aca_video is raising the bar for speedy uploading of talks.

189396_10150460458140641_602340640_17700689_7187067_n_normalTwitter-BirdIvar Nilsen (@ivarni)

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Very impressed with the livestream. You guys rock!

fc98c4debf88b5e4ec6b1b2f1efb2e6c_normalTwitter-BirdVictor Mejia (@victorczm)

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@aca_video’s video create efficiency is really incredible.

d599211dcd15c02fa4e839d52c8973e3_normalTwitter-BirdCharlie Crane (@xiecc)

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